Holy Week- Watch all of the masses beginning with today’s Palm Sunday mass

Good morning brothers,

As we enter Holy Week today, know that even though you can’t go to mass, you can still watch and participate them. Bishop Brennan will be celebrating Palm Sunday this morning, beginning at 1030, at St. Joseph Cathedral. You can watch it live by clicking here<boxcast.tv/view/palm-sunday-2020-131985>. All of the Holy Week masses will be live streamed all week. If you miss any of them, you can go here to see the archived recordings. Go to the diocesan website<www.columbuscatholic.org/> for more information on all of the live stream or archived masses, including the daily 1205 mass!

Have a blessed day and Holy Week!

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Good morning Brothers,

Happy Palm Sunday. This Holy Week gives us an opportunity to get even closer to our Father. Let us reflect upon Jesus each day this week. There are many opportunities for worship and prayer.

First in case you missed it. Our Pastor Fr Dinovo identified different options for us. See link below.


There are many other options to grow spiritually. Such as
The St Michaels Mens Faith Group is meeting virtually Saturday’s at 6:45am.


Today we celebrate Palm Sunday and Jesus knows that we will not have blessed Palms. That’s ok. As I reflect on Mark 11:8 “Many people spread their cloaks on the road, and others spread leafy branches that they cut from the fields.” I think about what Fr. Dave Pivonka TOR said last night. Let’s spread all of our pain, our anxieties, our frustrations, especially now. Let’s empty ourselves so that we may serve Him.

God Bless You All,