Charity Raffle tickets 2020


I wanted to give you and update on our council sales for the 2020 Charity Raffle as we are approaching the deadline for the first turn in. We have sold 310 tickets to date from 49/210 members. Six (6) of the mailings have come back with not deliverable addresses. Thanks to all who have been able to participate to date. Remember that these funds go to our Chris Damo scholarship fund to support Catholic education in our parish. We are 66% of the way to our goal of 450 tickets sold. I know that with only 23% of our members participating, we are doing great. I am really hoping that we can get more than 50% of our members to participate. Remember, buying or selling one (1) ticket let’s us get participation up. I hope that you can find a way to support this cause. Thanks.

Richard Wade
District Deputy 43

+1 614 734-4912