New Motion

The following motion was made at the July Council meeting. Following our protocols for such motions, it will be up for the final vote at the August meeting. Please review and plan to attend the meeting if you wish to vote on this motion.

Knights of Columbus Council 11445
Formation & Evangelization Committee

WHEREAS, Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly stated in an interview with National Catholic Register on March 9, 2021, “I do think that the Knights of Columbus going forward will become more active, not only in defending the faith […] but also in the area of evangelization. I think there’s a lot of work to be done in forming the Catholic man, which is forming the Catholic family. […] it’s going to be very important to the Knights to help strengthen marriages, because the stronger the marriage, the stronger the children and the healthier for the Church.”; and

WHEREAS, Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly consecrated his new administration and the entire order to St. Joseph, focusing on two of St. Joseph’s roles as “guardian of the family” and also as the “guardian of the truth.”; and

WHEREAS, Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori called on the Knights of Columbus not only to support but also to be in the forefront of the national Eucharistic Revival project, stating, “It is incumbent upon us as Knights of Columbus, upon you as lay leaders in the Church, not only to support this effort but also to be in the forefront of advancing it, especially by bearing witness to the centrality of the Eucharist in your own life and in the life of your family, and in the life of the Church.”;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that Knights of Columbus Council 11445 will:

  1. Form a new committee to be named the “Formation & Evangelization Committee” with the purpose of organizing two (2) faith formation and (2) evangelization events per fraternal year with a focus on marriage, family, and the Eucharist;
  2. Said committee will be composed of the Program director, Faith director, Family director, the Chancellor, and 1 other council member approved by the Grand Knight;
  3. The Financial Secretary will create a new set-aside to be used by said committee;
  4. The new set-aside will be initially funded with $1500 from the general fund;
  5. Said committee will be responsible for any and all future funding of formation and evangelization events and coordinate their own fundraising efforts as necessary

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