Brother Knights-
I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to an opportunity to support the Damascus Mission.  As many of you are aware, we are blessed to have this mission, which offers so many incredible faith focused opportunities, nearby.  One of the main focuses of the Damascus Mission Campus is to offer the Catholic Youth Summer Camps.  These camps attract over 1,000 youth each summer to the campus to share in a faith-awakening week that features what they call high adventure activities to foster high adventure faith.  I know many of you may have personal experiences or experiences that family members have enjoyed at Damascus.  Additionally, I believe St. Michael has some strong representation within the organization.

A member of our St. Michael community, David Szolosi, is starting a new journey at Damascus this month.  David has been a member at St. Michael as well as a youth minister for the Parish for the past several years.  David and his fiance, Michaela plan to remain parishioners at St. Michael’s, but David is moving on to become a permanent member of the Damascus staff as the Technology Director at Damascus.  In this role he will have an opportunity to develop and deliver the programs that will lead to those high adventure faith encounters for thousands of youth from our region and beyond, helping build the broader Parish for years to come.  Similar to the 2 year missionaries at Damascus, for those that are familiar, the permanent staff are responsible for fundraising a portion of their personal income. 

I am inviting you to participate in supporting David in his role at Damascus.  To that end, the Council has agreed to match up to $250 of gifts submitted by brother Knights, so your gift can multiply in that way.  If you are interested in offering a financial gift, please reach out to me at I can set up a way for you to either give directly to David’s link, or donate to the Council for a gift that will can be submitted from the Council.  If you would like to learn more about the mission, I invite you to access the link below or view the youtube video below:
Let me know if you have any other questions.