Day of Adoration at St. Michael – Need For Volunteers On March 13

Brother Knights,
As part of a diocesan wide activity holding adoration daily for 40 days,
St. Michael is holding adoration on Saturday, March 13. If you are looking
for an opportunity for adoration or confession, this is a good time to go.
The schedule of what will be done throughout the day is below.

We are also in need of some volunteers to help with hospitality (mostly
greeting people). The hour assigned to the Knights Of Columbus is
6:00-7:00 p.m. I apologize for the short notice as the first 2 emails with
this information did not get distributed to everyone that was supposed to
get it. *If you are able to help, please follow the link below and sign up

*Schedule for Day of Adoration at St. Michael — March 13th*
8:00 am – Daily Mass
8:30 am – Exposition & silent adoration (Confession available)
9:00 am – Children’s hour (Confession available)
10:00 am – Silent adoration
2:30 pm – (Confession available until 3:30pm)
4:00 pm – Vigil Mass
6:00 pm – Vespers
6:30 pm – Silent adoration
7:00 pm – Praise and worship hour (Confession available, pending priest
8:00 pm – Benediction

Sign up to volunteer during the 6:00-7:00 p.m. hour for the Knights Of

The general directions provided for volunteers throughout the day are
below. Directions specific to the time slot are included in Signup Genius

*Hospitality Volunteer Role Description:*

– Greet all parishioners and guests coming to adore Jesus with a smile
and “Hi, welcome to St. Michael.”

– They may not want to talk, so you can leave your greeting at that
unless they continue the conversation.
– Be available to answer questions about where to find the church,
bathrooms, confessions, etc.

– You will be able to see confession locations in the program that
will be available in Marian Hall that day.
– Keep an eye out to ensure visitors are sanitizing their spot in the
pews as they leave.

– If anyone forgets to do so, quietly go to their pew and sanitize
their spot for them.

Thank you,
Brett Gissel