December backpack sanitizing team

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Subject: December backpack sanitizing team



Fr. Dinovo has put me in charge of forming a team of select parishioners to
use the parish’s new industrial grade equipment to sanitize pews after the
four weekend Masses. This team will officially start its rotation the
weekend of January 2nd & 3rd. Until then, there remain several Sunday and
holiday Masses that have unfilled sanitizing spots. I’m reaching out to
the Knights to request your service in helping us cover these remaining
spots so that the parish community has access to the Mass this holiday

Our backpack sprayer allows one person to sanitize the church in the time
it has typically taken 4 people using spray bottles. It sprays a fine mist
that does not need to be wiped or dried afterward. We also have two
battery powered handheld sprayers, and you would be welcome to recruit help
from others to finish the job in even less time. *Please consider whether
you would be able to sanitize the church after one or more of the following

– Dec 7, 7pm (Vigil of Immaculate Conception, holy day of obligation)
– Dec 19, 4pm
– Dec 20, 12:30pm
– Christmas midnight Mass
– Christmas Day, 11am
– Dec 26, 4pm
– Dec 27, 8:30am
– Dec 27, 12:30am
– New Years Eve, 7pm
– New Years Day, 9am
– New Years Day, 11am

If you are able to sign up for any of the above Masses, *please email me at
" > <" >>.* Anyone
able to help with these masses will receive instructions on where to find
and how to use the backpack and other handheld sprayers. Thank you all for
your generous support of our parish community!

In Christ,

David Szolosi
Youth Ministry Coordinator
Youth Ministry webpage

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