Super Cash Bonanza Ticket Sales 2019


Good job on the softball tournament. We are all doing great on the Charity Raffle Tickets this year but we still need a little push. Please remember to bring you sold tickets to the council meeting tomorrow or to the Fish Fry on Friday. You can also mail them back to me. We are fast approaching the April 15th deadline for the first turn in. We are pretty close to the first incremental increase in what we get returned to us. We need to sell over 2 tickets per member, and with 209 members we need to sell over 400 tickets. The good news is that as of today we have already sold over 350 tickets!

You are all doing great and these sales go toward the scholarship fund, so pushing to get more really helps our parish children get good catholic educations. If you have not returned your tickets to me or if you have sold all you tickets and need more, see me after the 10:30 AM mass tomorrow or see my son Isaac at the April council meeting. I will be at another council meeting tomorrow night, but thinking about you guys.

Please lets turn in as many tickets as possible for the first turn in as this allows us to get more of our money back. Thanks to all the brothers who have stepped up and sold or bought their six tickets. I don’t care if you sell all six tickets or not, we will take whatever you are able to sell. Please try to sell some and bring the tickets to the council meeting for turn ins. Thanks.

Richard Wade
Charity Raffle Chairman 11445

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