Honoring Brother Chris Damo With Fourth Degree Assembly – Supporting Information Needed

Brother Knights,
I am working on something to honor our late Brother Knight Chris Damo within the Order. We have an opportunity to form a new Fourth Degree assembly and naming it after Chris Damo. Aside from his patriotism and support of many veteran activities, Chris was also Provincial Sir Knight Of The Year for our Fourth Degree province composed of the states of Michigan and Ohio. To make this happen, I need letters from members speaking to the character of Chris, his work inside and out of the church, and the
impact he had on others to make a strong case to name the assembly after him. If you can write something to this effect, please get it to me by March 12.

We also need the support of some members that are not currently Fourth Degree members to join the Fourth Degree.* The next exemplification of the Fourth Degree will be held on Saturday, March 16 at the Columbus Airport Marriott. Anyone interested in joining should contact Chris Fricke , Isaac Wade , or myself . We can provide the necessary forms for you. If you are interested and still need to take your second and/or third degrees,
these will be held on Sunday, February 24.

Thank you,
Brett Gissel