Hoagies for Heaven 2018

Brother Knights,

Even though the parish festival is less than a week away, planning for Hoagies for Heaven 2018 has already begun. This year we will begin taking orders the weekend of September 29-30, and take orders every weekend through October 20-21st. Sub assembly will take place the morning of October 27th, with distribution happening that same weekend. The recipe and process will remain largely unchanged from last year.

This year I am asking for a chairman for every Mass. The job of the chairman is to coordinate receiving the iPad, credit card reader, orders, and petty cash from the chairman of the previous Mass, and ensure everything gets passed along to the chairman of the next Mass. If you are a regular attendee at one of the Masses, please consider signing up for one of the slots.

Signup sheets for chairmen and order takers are up, and can be found at: https://kofc11445.com/volunteer-opportunies

I’ll be organizing a planning meeting sometime in September for anyone interested in helping this year. Please email me at if you’re interested in lending a hand.

Last year we sold 454 subs with a net profit of over $2300. Proceeds were used to help sponsor the Friends of the Josephinum run that’s coming up in September.