Reading lofts for St. Michael School

Brother Knights,
This is a final call for help to build new reading lofts for the Kindergarten classrooms. The reading lofts have long been a favorite feature of both students and parents in the SMS Kindergarten rooms. Since the Kindergarten rooms are being moved, three new lofts need to be built.
They’re not from kits, it’s basically lumber, hardware, and plans. And it’s happening tomorrow morning at 8am. Some of you have already volunteered to help, but we can always use a few more hands, especially since some of the men can only stay for the first few hours.
If you can lend a hand, please contact John Greve at <mailto:>
Thanks, – Mike

2 thoughts on “Reading lofts for St. Michael School

  1. Michael A. LaMorte Post author

    Hey Pat. We did the bulk of the construction last Saturday (June 10th). There’s still some work to be done to finish up. We’ll keep you on the short list.