Hoagies for Heaven – Sub Assembly

Brother Knights,

Tomorrow morning starting at 8am we will be assembling the subs for our Hoagies For Heaven vocations fundraiser. We have ordered enough supplies to fulfill all our orders plus an additional 10% for day-of sales, for a total of 475 subs to make. With 4 assembly lines we should be able to get this done in two hours or less. We are currently 12 signups short. Thanks to the following people who have already signed up:

Chris Axene, Nicholas Axene, Don Keller, Bryan Petras, Chris Fricke, Brian Elliott, Steve Gerlach, Tom Schmitt, Dan Rankin, Richard Wade, Mike Gross, Bob Tatz, Scott Merganthaler, David Ferkany, Earl Crosby

If you have not already done so, please sign up and join us.

2 thoughts on “Hoagies for Heaven – Sub Assembly

  1. MichaelGross

    Do we need any utensils? Will there
    Be access to the kitchen? Coolers?
    Wrapping material? Just asking.

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    1. Michael A. LaMorte Post author

      We’ll have access to the kitchen and refrigeration. All the supplies are on-site and ready to go!