“This year, I’m going to lose 20 pounds.” “This year, I’m going to commit to working out three times a week.” “This year I’m going to eat better.” “This year I’m going to pray more.” “This year, I’m going to sin less.”

These are all fine and noble New Year’s resolutions. And every year, most everyone resolves to do things to better themselves. But what about what God wants you to do for Him? Shouldn’t God be first on your list of resolutions?

We are called to give God our first fruits of time, talent, and treasure. So this year, will you resolve to put God first in your resolutions?

Resolve to see God’s Divine hand in all things.

Resolve to seek God’s purpose for you in this world.

Resolve to pray that He gives you sound judgement and wisdom, so that you may make righteous decisions.

Resolve to pray that He gives you a clear mind and heart, so that you may hear His voice above your own, and that you may recognize His voice when He speaks to you.

Resolve to pray that He gives you patience, so that you will wait for His will to be done in His time, without becoming frustrated that His timeline is likely different from your own timeline.

Resolve that you will accept God’s will, and submit to His will, even if it conflicts with your own.

Resolve to pray that He makes His will for you clear, so that you know with certainty what He wants you to do for Him in His name.

Resolve to pray that He gives you courage, so that regardless the circumstance you will stand when He asks you to stand, go where He asks you to go, speak when He asks you to speak, and remain silent when He tells you to be silent.

And finally, resolve to show the world through your actions that you are putting God first.