So Here We Are Again

So here we are, after the predicted apocalypse of 12/21/2012 and the world is just as it was on 12/20. Ever changing, ever moving forward. There are many who view the Bible as more of a story put together to explain things that the writers could not understand through the science of the time. There are those who think the Bible and science are at odds and therefore do not trust the Bible’s message, thinking that somehow the Bible is more like a mystic’s fantasy. Throughout the TV shows, articles and water cooler discussions prior to 12/21 it seemed to me that there were a lot of people who were willing to accept the possibility of mysterious links to astrological events such as the alignment of the planets and the end of the earth. Some contemplated and were willing to accept that somehow the Mayans hit upon some scientific way to figure out the end of ages, or more interestingly they did so with the assistance of a race of ancient aliens who came to visit them. I find it somewhat ironic that those willing to believe such things struggle with believing there is intelligence behind the design of our world, the intelligence is our Creator and that love was the root cause for our creation. On 12/22/2012, God spoke. Many were braced or at least partially believed the end of the world would happen as predicted. That in our arrogance we were able to figure out the puzzle and identified the future event that would end all future events. But on 12/22, God spoke and he spoke through His scripture yet again. “For you yourselves know full well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night.” This message is delivered in at least 3 separate books in the Bible: 1 Thessalonians, 2 Peter and Revelations. Indeed it is yet again proven true. Over just my lifetime there have been many, many such end-time predictions and usually they are more isolated and often a result of some “individual revelation”. This time it was perceived that there was scientific support in the way of unusual astrological events predicted by a people who many think should not have been capable of understanding such things. Yes God spoke and as my wife said this morning “we are not supposed to know when the end will come, we need to live each day as if it is our last. What are we doing to be prepared for our end?”

There is another correlation I see between the Bible and events of today. Since the horrific tragedy in Connecticut our nation has endeavored to find an answer to senseless violence on the part of troubled individuals. I think the answer is a bit more clear than people think. Our society has long been on a path that not only removes church from state but also is removing church from our lives. More and more we see children growing up without a spiritual strength. A person is not just a physical body which demands comfort in life but also a spirit and morality. The person is comprised of the total of these elements. I am sad for the people who commit these horrendous kinds of tragedies for the consequences of their actions are heavy and their lives in ruins. I am more saddened for those who suffered at the hands of those kinds of people, who are innocent victims of the actions created by disturbed decisions of an individual. As we as a nation look for solutions we need to understand there is no singular, quick answer, at least not one that we are poised to accept. No single piece of legislation is the answer, nor any single political platform, nor any new psychology. Our society has devolved into a theological conundrum. The answers we seek are those involving our spiritual nature. The Bible is one of the very few books that address the whole of a person. If we look to it we see what it is to respect each other to be able to forgive and to be able to understand in advance that an action is for the good or the detriment of we as a people. I smiled this morning at Mass. When Deacon gathered the children to the front of church for the Children’s liturgy and spoke to them and sent them on their way downstairs. As they walked out I understood these children are blessed. They have parents who care enough about them to help them develop their children’s spiritual nature. As they learn of God’s Word they are given the best chances of growing to love themselves and in turn to know what it means to respect and love others and live in service of their fellow man. We as adults also need to understand, it is not enough to read a Bible or to go to a religion class. We must learn it, live as an example of it and teach it throughout our lives.

Pat Rosmarin, Lecturer