Two Commandments

I was having a conversation a few weeks ago regarding relativism. Particularly in reference to the thought that hey, if a belief feels right to someone for the situation then it must be okay. I brought up the point that that if something feels good, it doesn’t necessarily translate that it is true. As an example I pointed to a tree and stated if someone views that tree as a god, and they believe it with every fiber in their body, it doesn’t mean it is true. I have mentioned before that by the nature of truth itself, there can only be one truth. The belief that person has could make them feel very good, and even give them comfort. However, it cannot go beyond that feeling. A tree can give them no more spiritual guidance, grace or counsel than could a rock, a pen or a tire for that matter. They place themselves at risk because the tree can give them nothing, can do nothing for them.

After that conversation I kept thinking about it. Through this thought I finally came to a personal revelation that helped me resolve a something I have been perplexed about. I have in the past also mentioned that the Ten Commandments can be better construed as our roadmap to a peaceful, happy life instead of being looked on as rules for the sake a rules. God loves us so much he tells us point blank how to find peace with our spirit. There were however two commandments I couldn’t quite resolve in this light, I couldn’t quite grasp how they fit in with the roadmap concept.