Evidence of the Season

Lord, may others see in me evidence of your existence. This is a prayer I have started to pray, most commonly after receiving Eucharist. May I act so that others can see in me God’s work, His love. What separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our knowledge of good and bad, right and wrong. That knowledge originates from our soul, in the past I have referred to this as God’s thumbprint. Look in a mirror and strive to see the evidence of God. May I act in a way that helps make it easier for me to see God’s existence in my mirror, and may my actions reflect to others God’s work, His love.

Holiday season is upon us. This year I am going back to the basics. What is behind the season? The love of God. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son” (John 3:16). It was not created to bolster an economy contrary to popular belief. The world seems often to forget, especially in the bustle of Christmas, that the purpose of Christmas is not to give and receive stuff just for the sake of the stuff. It is sharing, expressing appreciation and tokens of love. When I buy or make a gift, I will strive to do so with meaning. I want to take the time to pick a gift so that when the other person receives it, they will understand it is given with thought and with love. I want to give from my spirit to their spirit, not just to fill a blank spot on a list, but to fill a place in another’s heart. I want to give a gift that moves a person. Perhaps with a smile, a laugh, a hug, or a tear brought because the gift says “I care”. It is good to remember why Christmas exists in the first place.

For myself, I think I know the best way to start out this holiday season. May I always be ready with a smile for a stranger, to provide a hand or open a door for someone who needs it. May I give my time to those who have faced adversity and who may question whether there is any good left in the world. May I give with love, may I receive with humility and gratitude. Lord please allow your light, your Love to be evident in what I do this holiday season. May others see in me evidence of God.