My Knights Rosary

My Knights rosary is important to me. It is special. Joining the Knights of Columbus gave me another avenue to serve God, by serving others. That is probably the primary reason I joined. Every time I use it I am reminded of the elements of the Knights’ mission…Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. I know where my Knights Rosary is, but I can’t touch it right now. My Knights Rosary is in Afghanistan. As many of you already know, my daughter’s fiancé, Jim, is in the Marine Reserves and was recently deployed overseas. The morning he shipped out I handed him the rosary with a polite request to “please bring this back to me”. He is in service of his country and it seemed fitting that my rosary, coming from an organization of service, should go with him. I hope that the rosary will serve as an avenue of prayer for him. I hope that when he runs across it he is reminded that God loves him and is with him in all things. I pray that when he sees the rosary he remembers God’s grace will get us through anything.

My daughter, however, “one upped” me. She doesn’t know I gave Jim my rosary. Michelle made by hand a rosary out of cord. She did this so he could carry this with him and it would not make any noise, to help keep him safe. That gentlemen, to me is an act of true love. It made me smile.

I have another favorite rosary still here at home. It was my Grandmother’s and it is visibly worn from use. Holding it brings me comfort, a sense of peace. I have used it for years and will gladly and humbly continue to do so. The important thing after all is the prayers themselves, our communication with God. By the way, I was not the only Knight there to send off Lima Company. Several of you joined as support for our military. I ask you to remember in prayer all military personnel and those at home supporting them.